• Principal’s Message

Rick Hunt, Principal

Rick Hunt

Our theme for this 2022-2023 school year is -
On Target !!!

As we continue to Build a Legacy, we need to refine our understanding of our student’s progress and growth.  We need to focus our aims, and ensure we are focused on what is most important.  We will be launching a new math curriculum this fall, updating our Cornerstones with Key Standards in all areas, and focusing our aims through tracking student Data  Each of these important activities will help us true up our aim and put our students on target towards success.  

“Aim small, miss small” is a term used in firearms and archery training. It refers to aiming at a small part of the target, such as the bullseye, instead of the entire target. So, if you miss with your shot, you will not fall far from the intended target instead of missing it completely.  If our aims for our students are well focused and intentional, we have a greater chance of ensuring our students hit their targets.  That’s why our theme is On Target !!!

It takes every member of our school team, our parents, and our community to support this effort.  Every stakeholder has a critical role in ensuring our students’ success.  I look forward to working with each of you in making this another incredible year of growth and success!!!

~ Mr. Hunt -