Student-Athlete Health Questionnaire

If your student-athlete is going to participate in a school sport for the 2020-2021 school year the below questionnaire must be on file with the school. It is a simple 2 page form. If your student attended South Spencer last year and had a sports physical on file for the 2019-2020 school year - they can use that same physical for this year. The IHSAA understands that sports physicals were harder to come by with all of the closings and will allow the previous years physical to count for this year as well. However, it is recommended that your child still get a sports physical before the school year begins. But allowing the previous years physical gives everyone more time to get it completed. No matter if they have a physical or use the old one this questionnaire still needs to be completed. 
Then both the questionnaire and the physical can be uploaded to the 'registermyathlete' website. 

All of this needs to be completed before the student-athletes start practice July 6th. 

This year will definitly look different than any other year in high school sports. We want to make this happen for our kids. These sports experiences are important to our kids and we are working hard to provide a safe environment. Thank you for all your support and cooperation.

Here is the link to the mandatory questionnaire..... REQUIRED IHSAA HEALTH HISTORY QUESTIONNAIRE

Here is a shortcut to the site to register your athlete for the upcoming school year..... REGISTER MY ATHLETE


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